Meara Simon is a Dream Weaver in the land where spirits give mortals dreams. When Meara displeases Gideon, the Dream Master, her friend Daisy sends her to earth in a flurry.

When Meara literally falls through the roof of Conner James ranch house, he can't believe his eyes. All Meara knows is her name and the bits and pieces of memory that come back to her as days go by.

Conner lets Meara stay at his ranch as his housekeeper. She begins to make his house a home. Everywhere she goes she leaves love and laughter, bringing sunshine into a life that has consisted of nothing but gloom.

They search for anyone with any knowledge of Meara, but with no luck. When a runaway boy takes up at the ranch Meara convinces Conner to let Luke stay.

Luke reminds Conner too much of his childhood of starvation and roaming from town to town with a drunken, gambling father. Conner is determined never to be in that situation again.

Finding happiness at long last, Conner will risk everything to hold on to what he has found. When Meara is whisked back to Dream World will he risk even more to bring her back?

The innovative Kathleen Kane gifts readers once again with a beautiful paranormal love story. DREAMWEAVER will warm your heart and leave you with a smile as Conner and Meara find a love that beats all odds. (Dec., 308 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor