This is the third book in Beverly Connors superb Lindsay Chamberlain suspense series. With intelligent, riveting and dynamic plots, Ms. Connor is rapidly building a sensational franchise. If you haven't sampled a Lindsay Chamberlain story yet, don't miss out!

Despite her best efforts, forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain seems to be a trouble magnet. Her expertise with bones has led law enforcement and private individuals to seek out her help in tough-to-solve deaths. This time around, Lindsay has been asked to survey a remote field for the most likely place to bury a body.

Dr. Shirley Foster disappeared over a year ago. Her family is torn between believing that she had run off, and thinking that she may be dead. When Lindsey locates Shirleys body, the evidence discovered raises more questions than it answers.

In the midst of one problem, Lindsay suddenly finds herself in the middle of another. Ancient Indian artifacts that Lindsay and her students have been cataloging suddenly disappear. The presence of a 1930's human skeleton among the relics is also a mystery. It quickly becomes apparent that someone is working very hard to point the finger of guilt at Lindsay.

The keys to both mysteries lie in the past, maybe the ancient past. will take all of Lindsay's deductive skills and expertise to make sense out of these troubling cases.

(Sep., 288 pp., $20.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith