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Dr. Leah Mundy has spent most of her life trying to live up to high expectations. Following in her fathers footsteps, she heals those sick in body, but can do little to heal the wounds of her spirit until Jackson Underhill bursts into her life.

With his beloved Carrie near death, Jackson must find a doctor and he feels no compunctions about stealing Dr. Mundy. Posing as husband and wife, he and Carrie have been on the run and they would be free except for Carries sudden illness and his unexplainable attraction to the doctor.

Though Leah knows little about Jackson, she believes hes married and a dangerous drifter, yet she is drawn to him, not understanding that in many ways they are soulmates. Bound together by close proximity, Carries condition and the danger that the past presents, Leah and Jackson find something all too precious; a fierce love and a chance to start over.

At once beautiful, tender, poignant and full of meaning, THE DRIFTER is a rare, powerful read. Susan Wiggs touches on the problems of addiction, abuse, the strength of loyalty, and most of all the healing power of love to bring readers into a tale they will not easily forget. This is the best that Americana romance can offer. SENSUAL (June, 385 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin