Every woman in Avalanche follows Miss Julia Bennett's lead in etiquette and fashion. Still, Julia is lonely and more than anything, she wants to leave town to write for a ladies' magazine as a columnist. The only way to gain her inheritance and independence is to marry, but who?

Bounty hunter Graham Corley looks like the ideal choice, especially since he's drunk and down on his luck when Julia finds him. Graham secretly dreams of settling down with a "lady" like Julia, so he agrees to pose as her fiancé in exchange for reading lessons.

It's inevitable that Julia and Graham fall in love and their charade becomes a true romance. The only problem is that neither one wants to tell the other that they want to end the acting in favor of a real romance.

This sweet, gentle love story will touch your heart. You'll empathize with Julia's feelings of alienation and Graham's desire to read and establish a library. But the tender conflict and pleasant characters are not quite enough to make me emotionally invested in the story. It's merely a sweet Americana tale, good for an evening's entertainment. SENSUAL (Apr., 293 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin