Georgiana Neverall has got to be the unluckiest almost-plumber to ever pack a wrench in the small town of Pine Ridge. She’s also the pluckiest; when she finds a corpse under her mother’s house, and then her mother is charged with the crime, Georgie starts her own investigation. Georgie’s funny and sharp and Evans surrounds her with a cast of entertaining characters that will no doubt be a hit with mystery fans.

When Georgiana Neverall crawls under her mother’s house to check the pipes, she finds more than she bargained for, and soon leaky pipes are the least of her problems after finding the corpse of her mother’s fiancé, realtor Gregory Whitlock. Georgie never really liked the man all that much, but when her mother is charged with his murder, Georgie amps up her own investigation, dragging in her best friends and her almost-boyfriend, annoying the chief of police. Before she knows it, she’s uncovered Whitlock’s unethical moneymaking scheme and finds herself targeted by the real murderer — all while preparing to take the plumbing license exam! (PRIME CRIME, Feb., 256 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper