Drive Me Crazy is a purely fun read. The sexual tension simmering beneath the surface is
well done, and Cade, with his long hair and tattoo, is a hero worth falling for.

Cade Nyland is a notorious ladies' man who needs a mechanic and navigator to go with him on a four-day classic-car road rally. He hires professional mechanic T.Z. Blake, who elects not to tell him that she can't read a map.

After someone sabotages the cars, Cade must rent T.Z's '67 Mustang, an inheritance from her "ghostly" aunt Elise. Meanwhile, T.Z.'s best friend is also riding in the competition. So is Marisa, who tries to get Cade into bed. T.Z. also complicates matters further by offering to help the competitors' mechanics.

Throw in the fact that Aunt Elise's ghost is along for the ride -- at times taking control of the 'Stang -- and this is one exciting rally.

(Mar., 340 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley