Houston TV news anchor Brent Zarlich has tried to shake the dust of the small town of Beasons Ferry from his shoes and psyche. Abandoned by his mother and raised by an alcoholic grandmother, Brent was never accepted by most of the townsfolk. So hes a bit taken aback when the one person he remembers fondlyLaura Beth Morgancalls out of the blue with a request. It seems that since Brent is now a celebrity, the town would love to have him participate in a charity Dating Game fundraiser. He agrees, with one condition: Laura has to be one of the bachelorettes.

An attraction soon blossoms between Laura and Brent. Since her mothers death, Laura has taken care of her father. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a feeling of stagnation that leaves Laura eager to escape. Her friend Melody has asked Laura to be her roommate down in Houston. Will the closer proximity to Brent allow them to build a relationship, or will baggage from the past be too difficult to escape?

Having the courage to break free from emotional chains is the dominant theme in this warm and charming love story. A wonderful debut novel. (Mar., 252 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith