Image of Drive Me Wild (Kimani Romance)


Image of Drive Me Wild (Kimani Romance)
Drive Me Wild (3), by Gwynne Forster, is a good story that's often hard to follow because of nonsensical and confusing dialogue. Gina Harkness' elderly friend leaves her multimillion-dollar estate to her! Heddy's will specifies that Gina live as a rich lady for three years, which includes having a chauffeur. Justin Whitehead, a renowned investigative journalist, lands the job as Gina's chauffeur. He's secretly researching an article about people who come into large sums of money and how it changes their lives. Gina and Justin become close, despite their constant power struggles and their struggle to not become involved. But the closer they become, the more Justin's secret bothers him. When Gina discovers the truth, can they work through their trust issues?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims