Image of Drive Me Wild (The Others)


Image of Drive Me Wild (The Others)

Warren is back with another sexy, sassy romp, focusing this time on the oh-so-sensuous Rafael De Santos. As always, there is a great deal of humor, sizzling sex and off-the-wall adventure in Warren’s Others series, which makes for a truly lively, amusing read.

While heading home from a meeting, were-jaguar Rafael realizes he is being followed. When Rafe confronts his stalker, he discovers seductive Tess Menzies, a sorceress with a quirky sense of humor. Tess has been sent by her grandfather, a powerful witch, to give Rafe a message from the Witches Council: After centuries of non-communication, the witches now want a meeting with Rafael, the head of the Council of Others. Rafe suspects there is something strange about this offer, but the one thing he is certain of is his instant, voracious appetite for Tess. What’s behind their uncanny attraction? (ST. MARTIN’S, Dec. 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith