Image of Drive Time (MIRA novel) (Charlotte McNally Mysteries)


Image of Drive Time (MIRA novel) (Charlotte McNally Mysteries)

A complex plot sprinkled generously with humor and Charlie's wisecracking first-person narrative are the highlights of this extremely entertaining mystery. Don't miss it.

Ace investigative reporter Charlie McNally is working on a story that has "Emmy" written all over it -- an expose of a car-cloning operation -- and she's just been offered her dream job in New York. But the timing is off: she and her fiance, Josh Gelston, are planning a wedding and a life in Boston.

Complicating her life even further, Charlie smells a story behind the scenes at the posh Bexter Academy, the private school where Josh teaches. Someone is making threats regarding the students, which include Josh's daughter, Penny. Would following up be a conflict of interest for Charlie? It's a fine line, but she can't resist. Discreet digging unearths a web of secrets and blackmail and puts Charlie squarely in a killer's crosshairs once more. (MIRA, Feb., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer