This story involving motocross racing could have been a fascinating read, if only McLane had spent more time on the sport. The characters come across more as oversexed teenagers than mature adults. Conversations between the male characters are rather juvenile, and neither the heroine's friend nor her sister knows how to keep a secret or respect her privacy. Also, the ending
is disappointingly predictable.

Ten years ago, when Jayden Michaels chose motorcycle racing over Alexia Spencer and left town, he hoped she would follow him. Instead, she married a man 20 years her senior.

Now both are back home in Braxton. Jayden is here to recover from an injured shoulder and to help start a motocross club for kids. Alexia wants to move on with her life after her divorce. When Jayden requests Alexia do his interview for the local paper, he hopes it will get her out of his system. For her part, Alexia just wants to get the job done quickly. When they decide to give a future together one more chance, will a secret from Alexia's past destroy it? (Signet Eclipse, Oct., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley