When Maggie Dufrane left her failed marriage a year ago, she expected a future with a happy remarriage, a good job and even a thin body. Instead, her career as a mystery writer is floundering, and her love life is even worse. To make matters worse, her mother falls seriously ill and her sister's life starts falling apart. Maggie feels that she spends all of her time in the car driving to their homes and trying to hold their lives together. As she drives, she listens to the Rainman, aka Joe Jones, on the radio. When she meets him, sparks are finally rekindled in her love life. Now if only the rest of her life would sort itself out. Maggie and her family all boast inner strength and passion in Driving Me Crazy (4.5) by Peggy Webb. The characters grow logically in a book that makes the reader both feel good and think about life and all its challenges.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor