Her grandfathers health forces Lori Kelly Corcoran to return to Florida 15 years after Mandy Olin was murdered and her ex-boyfriend Sean Black was accused of the crime. Sean was eventually absolved, but the damage was already done. In the aftermath, Sean and Loris growing relationship died, causing each to flee their hometown. In Europe, a distraught Lori discovers she is pregnant. A hasty marriage to a terminally ill man hides Loris secret, but returning home with 14-year-old Brendan now threatens exposure.

Sean Blacks return to Florida is also bittersweet. He cant completely forget how this town treated him so many years earlier, but as world-renown suspense author Michael Shaye, the red carpet is rolled out. The embers of Lori and Seans lost love still burn brightly, but once again violent death threatens to destroy any prospect of happiness.

Former high school friend Ellie Mertz murder frightens all the old gang. A forensic anthropologist as well as author, Seans expertise is requested by the local coroner and old friend Detective Ricky Garcia. It looks like a serial killer is on the loose, and the trail leads back to the old high school crowd. No one is safe, for a killer wears the deadly mask of a friend.

Versatile Heather Graham cranks up the fear factor in her gripping new tale of romantic suspense. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS delivers passion and terror. (Aug., 400pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith