Free-spirited secretary Madison O'Donnell is determined to find herself a passionate love affair in the two weeks before her 28th birthday. Convinced her life will end on that date, she indiscriminately seeks out a man who will make her fall in love for the first and, regrettably, the last time.

Madison's boss, tax accountant T. Laurence Hobbs, is the polar opposite of spontaneous and fun loving, and doesn't believe her claims of impending death. Although he's admired her personality and collection of short skirts for the seven years she's worked for him, he's never once acted on his attraction. But now he's worried that if he doesn't step in and become the lover his "sexpot secretary" dreams of, she'll wind up hurt, or maybe even dead.

As usual, Skully is skilled at creating a novel with fun characters and light suspense. She also does an effective job depicting the oppositional nature of her hero and heroine. However, Madison's obliviousness to clear danger and to deceitful people leads the reader to question her intellect and, aside from the protagonists' disparate temperaments, there is no significant conflict keeping the two apart for much of the book. (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel