The MacInnes and the MacNeil clans are sworn enemies. Alisdair MacNeil is pure evil, and Conall MacInnes believes he kidnapped his sister. In retaliation, he takes MacNeil's beautiful young daughter, Glenna, to hold as hostage but quickly discovers she's a Druid. He has vowed to protect all Druids or uphold the vow he made to his mother, and he never wanted to be in this situation. Now, he must break one of those vows.

Conall and Glenna are drawn together, but she seeks solace in the teaching of the Druids. The MacNeils attack Conall's fortress -- not only to recapture Glenna, but also to kill the laird. There's plenty of action and intrigue and a constant battle of wills between Glenna and Conall.

This is an enjoyable story that balances action, romance and a bit of the fae. SENSUAL (dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown