The incredible Outlander saga continues as Brianna Fraser Randall is safe in the 20th century and Jamie Fraser and his beloved Claire make their way through the American wilderness to find a home and peace. It is time to begin a new life where war, hatred, pain and loss cannot reach them. But the ghosts of the past and the ghosts of ancestors still haunt them.

In the Carolinas, where Jamie seeks other Scottish exiles and where his aunt asks him to run her plantation, then in the Virginia mountains, Jamie and Claire encounter those who would use violence to gain power.

Not only do the English and Native Americans pose risks, but animals, the harshness of the land, illness, slavery and the imminent threat of war also.

Another danger awaits when Brianna, pledged to marry Roger MacKenzie, decides to follow her mother's footsteps and walk through the stones to save her parents' lives.

As Brianna, followed by Roger, arrives in the colonies in 1770, a door to the past is opened and the ancient ghosts engulf them all. Jamie learns that his love for his family comes before all else and that a warrior cannot escape war if he is to save the ones he loves.

Time-travel fans, rejoice! Diana Gabaldon, renowned for her marvelous time-travel novels about James Fraser and Claire Randall, lifts the reader into the excitement, danger, adventure and passion of another time and place. With the skill of a born storyteller,she weaves history, sensuality, humor and her unique style into a magical blend of compelling fiction. If, like me, you've been waiting for this fourth volume in the series, you'll be thrilled to immerse yourself in the lives of characters you have come to love. This is a book to savor as you anticipate the next installment. (Dec., 876 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin