Back in NYC after a tragic interlude in Paris, jazz saxophonist Nan Hayes has been hitting the bottle and hitting bottom as well. Nothing is going right for her until a friend gives her a little voodoo doll, guaranteed to change her luck. Amazingly, once the doll is in Nans possession, things do go well.

Nan is so impressed that she goes to meet the doll maker, Ida Williams. Nan takes to Ida and visits her several times. In fact, she buys another doll from her and invites her to hear her play. Ida does show up at the club but so does a gunman, who opens fire and kills the elderly woman.

Nan cant believe that someone would gun down a harmless old woman. Although the police are hot on the case, Nan launches her own investigation and learns that seemingly innocent Ida had some powerful and dangerous enemies.

Filled with tension, suspense, and a blues- jazzy atmosphere, DRUMSTICKS is one hot read. Nan Hayes is a witty and wonderful heroine. The storyline is exceptionally strong and jazz lovers are going to be fascinated by the chapter titles. (Feb., 208 pp., $6.50—Hardcover published February 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg