When Hugh Dryden, Lord of Alldale, rescues Sibn verch Marudedd from a wild boar, he does not know what to make of the unexpected feelings Sibn arouses deep within his soul. Though he denies his attraction for the lady, he soon realizes she soothes his wounded spirit like none other.

Yet he is at Clairmont to ask the widowed Lady Marguerite for her hand. Tortured and mutilated while held captive two years before at Windemere Castle, the last thing Hugh wants is a bride. How can he expect a woman to ever accept someone as ravaged in body and spirit as he?

Sibn Tudor has seen many hardships in her life. Unaccustomed to the courtly ways of Catherines court, Sibn feels out of place. Traveling with the queens court to Clairmont, Sibn discovers her brothers plans for her to join a nunnery.

Sibn feels drawn to Hugh, sensing he is a kindred spirit. Sibn longs to fill the emptiness within Hughs soul and is bereft when she discovers he is at Clairmont to wed.

When the queen entrusts Sibn and Hugh with a perilous mission, they surrender to their love. Danger follows them and their lives hang in the balance as they seek to elude the queens foes and unforeseen enemies from the past.

DRYDENS BRIDE is a warm-hearted tale of two kindred spirits whose love heals their wounded hearts and souls. Stirring deep emotions, Ms. Maguire skillfully draws the reader into her deftly woven tale. SENSUAL (Sep., 250 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor