Image of On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street Series)


Image of On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street Series)

Lot of heart makes this book an absolute page-turner. The characters are fantastic. Jocelyn is broken, but readers are able to see her transform her life for the better. And Braden is so proper with everyone but Joss. His teasing and (sometimes) dirty comments will have you laughing out loud as you cheer him on. As an added bonus there is a second romance between Braden’s sister, Ellie, and the hero's best friend, Adam.

Jocelyn Butler moved to Edinburgh in order to bury her painful past. She is unable to deal with the deaths of her family and her best friend. After four years in Scotland, she lives a lonely existence by choice. Then she moves into a new apartment where her roommate’s brother is about to shake her to her core.

Braden is used to getting what he wants... and he wants Jocelyn. Will Jocelyn be able to work through her issues and panic attacks or has Braden finally found someone he can’t have? (NAL, Jan., 336pp., $15.00)

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Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak