For years, Duchess (AKA Evelyn Smythe) has courageously rescued young women from lives of slavery and degradation in brothels and white slave markets. However, no one knows what she desires or fears herself, or why she is so passionate about her crusade.

Then she meets the brash American cowboy Rowdy Macpherson and he becomes her rescuer. Later, she becomes his as they are both caught in a trap set by devious men hoping to rid the world of Duchess.

Rowdy unleashes Duchess' passions; the woman of ice melts in his arms. But, even as they plot to vanquish their enemies Duchess fears what Rowdy will say when he discovers her secrets.

Sensual and thrilling with a richly-detailed plot, DUCHESS is just the kind of scintillating tale Deana James excels at. Always breaking new ground, Ms. James illuminates the dark side of Victorian society with a glow of love and warmth.. SENSUAL (Oct. 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin