Allegra Morgan is one of Englands wealthiest heiresses, yet she has no desire to marry since she has no desire to love. She is positive it can only bring heartache. Yet she must wed, for society dictates such is a womans fate.

Allegra chooses the impoverished Duke of Sedgwick, Quinton Hunter, as her husband. He can offer little but a title and that is enough. Allegra will be a duchess and not have to worry about love.

Quinton is enchanted by his wife. She is intelligent, beautiful, strong-willed and the most bewitching of women. Though he knows better than to mention the word love, Quinton is determined to teach Allegra the wonders and joys of the marriage bed. He just never expects to fall into loves trap himself.

The marriage grows and blossoms as their newfound sexuality is explored in one anothers arms. Though Allegra wishes to keep Quinton at arms length, she is beginning to admit that she might, just might, be falling in love. Then the terrors of the French Revolution reach across the channel, drawing Quinton and Allegra into a dangerous adventure that will either bring them closer together or separate them forever.

The conflict is powerful, but readers seeking a highly sensual, near-erotic and adventurous read will not find it here. This meticulously researched, relationship romance is brimming over with details of mores, clothing and society rules of the Georgian periodand will surely delight fans of this lush, rich historical era. SENSUAL (Jul., 400 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin