In this fictionalized biography, Sarah Jennings is "poor gentry," but at the age of 13 she is determined to seize the opportunity to serve in the Duchess of York's household. Sarah's friendship with Princess Anne lasts a lifetime and brings Sarah into the intrigues and passions of Charles II's court.

From the moment Sarah meets John Churchill, she knows he's a man who matches her in ambition, intelligence and loyalty. She's smart enough to settle only for a marriage that's a true partnership and melding of heart and mind.

With bold stokes and bright historical details, Scott tells the fascinating story of a daring, charismatic and ambitious woman. Sarah grabs life with both hands and goes after what she wants with verve. In the end, she founded a political dynasty that gave us Sir Winston Churchill and Lady Diana. Kudos to Scott for bringing her to us. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin