'I dare you, Lady Lara Darling, to find a husband of wealth in one season and with no dowry. I dare you!' Those words in her grandmother's will send Lara off to London, where the impetuous young lady sets the town on its ear, breaking every rule by following the advice in her grandmother's diaries.

First she races with a common coachman—who is no commoner at all but Griff, Lord Trenton. It seems Lara can't stay out of trouble, Griff can't help rescuing her and they can't stop themselves from falling in love. But he is a man with a past…

There's enough meddling family and friends to spice up this classic Regency with wit and sassy dialogue. These delightful characters, neatly crafted by Ryan (who previously wrote as Malia Martin), will charm readers. SENSUAL (Dec., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin