After a decade as a jewel thief, Grant Chandler returns to England to expose a murderess--his best friend's wife, Sophie Huntington Ramsey.

Sophie married Robert, who knowingly saved her reputation after Grant callously seduced her, broke her heart and left her pregnant. Grant's return opens old wounds, and then he has the gall to accuse her of killing Robert.

Grant's investigation twists and turns as he uncovers rumors and truths about Robert, Sophie, their family histories and, most importantly, the secrets hidden in a 100-year-old diary that could lead to their salvation or death. The star-crossed lovers find that their passion has never died and that love long denied is the sweetest when it's rekindled.

With a strong mystery as the backdrop and sizzling sexual tension throughout, Dawson's enthralling tale of murder and passion will keep you up all night. SENSUAL (Nov., 372 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin