Image of The Duchess Hunt (House of Trent)


Image of The Duchess Hunt (House of Trent)

Haymore’s first House of Trent novel sets the bar for the series. Emotional, sensual and enchanting, this tale of forbidden love is a romance to savor. Appealing characters, a beautiful, unconventional love story and family dynamics — as well as deft plotting and depth of emotion — make this a keeper.

Though she’s the daughter of the Duke of Trent’s gardener, Sarah Osborne was educated with the duke’s son, Simon Hawkins, and fell in love with him. Youthful kisses set their desires in motion, but it isn’t until years later that their childhood passion sparks a forbidden love. Simon has done his best to repair the family reputation. His mother’s sudden disappearance forces him to return home and see Sarah, the one woman who can tempt him to be scandalous. Simon will either forfeit the reputation he has worked so hard to maintain, or lose the woman he loves. (FOREVER, Jul., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin