Image of A Duchess to Remember (The Ministry of Marriage)


Image of A Duchess to Remember (The Ministry of Marriage)

The third volume in Brooke’s Ministry of Marriage series has a perfectly pitched, subtle sense of humor that enhances its poignancy and sensuality. These are Brooke’s hallmarks and what readers have come to expect from a bright new star.

A cartel of powerful families have formed the Ministry of Marriage to ensure their families are bound together. Cecily Westruther, the Duke of Montford’s ward, is content with the man chosen for her. The older duke already has an heir and will return to his mistress, leaving Cecily to be a wife in name only. But a letter she wrote her deceased brother could ruin everything. To find it, Cecily has to break into the Duke of Ashburn’s home. Bored with the ton, Rand is entranced by the feisty, sharp-tongued Cecily and decides he wants her. He will resort to anything to get her, including a campaign to help her find the incriminating letter while seducing her. Practical Cecily is swept off her feet. However, more than Cecily’s betrothal, Rand holds a secret that could destroy their newfound love. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jul., 311 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin