As soon as Delilah Chadwick learns that her father, Sir Horace, is planning to marry, she rushes to London to put a stop to the wedding. After being the apple of her father's eye, there is no way she'll accept having a stepmother who is almost her age.

Meanwhile, Adam Harleston, the ninth Earl of Drakesley, is determined to stop his cousin Eugenia, the woman he hopes to marry, from being seduced by an older man.

He hightails it to London only to have his curricle break down and then finds himself stuck in a rattletrap coach with Delilah. Both feel it is their sworn duty to see to it that the marriage never takes place. As they embark upon their own mad scheme to crash a masquerade ball to surprise Sir Horace and Eugenia, they find themselves caught in a kiss and trapped by their own desire.

I found myself laughing quite a lot while being captivated by this light,fluffy tale with some of the best and sharpest repartie I have read in a while. Then there is the fact that you, as the reader, just know their crazy schemes will go awry and can sit back and enjoy the "show" while you wait for them to realize they are in love. Ms. Farr certainly has a talent for writing utterly delightful romances. SWEET (Oct., 341 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin