This romance is fast-paced and sensual. Jarrett brings Venice — and its mysteries — to life for the reader. There are many surprises woven into this story about family, love and the importance of trust.

Proper Jane Woods has been the governess to the Duke of Aston’s two daughters for a decade. While abroad with the young women, and unbeknownst to their father, Richard, Jane helped both young women make respectable matches. However, when Richard arrives in Venice he is furious to learn that his girls are married. Jane’s passionate plea for the newlyweds turns Richard's attention away from his daughters and he focuses on Jane. He decides that he will continue to employ her, and she is now to act as his tour guide. Seeing Venice through Jane’s eyes makes Richard open his heart to romance. But there’s a sinister threat lurking on the fringes of this new love, one that may ruin Jane and Richard’s happiness forever. (HARLEQUIN, Jan. 2012, dl., $5.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Nas Dean