After the woman he idealized is murdered, Robert Knight, Duke of Hawkscliffe, accepts her elderly husbands challenge to track down the killer, Dolph Breckinridge, and exact revenge.

While investigating Breckinridge, Robert is led to a well-known house of ill-repute where he meets renowned courtesan Belinda Hamilton. It was Breckinridge who ruined Belinda and had her father imprisoned. She is more than willing to join forces with Robert to bring about Breckinridges downfall.

What neither expects is to fall in love while pretending to be in love. Their relationship may shock the ton, but neither Belinda nor Hawk care. Their goal is to destroy Breckinridges reputation with the aristocracy.

The strong suspense, intriguing characters and deft descriptions of the era, as well as historical personages, add an aura of reality that transports readers to Regency England. Gaelen Foleys talents, like fine wine, only improve with each new book. SENSUAL (Dec., 344 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin