Image of The Duke & the Pirate Queen


Image of The Duke & the Pirate Queen

Continuing with characters from The Duchess, Her Maid, the Groom and Their Lover, Janssen delivers a fast-paced true high-seas adventure novel. The sex is intense and varied, with Janssen playing into several “women on top” fantasies that are empowering because the men are strong, but the women are their matches.

While her parents are pressuring Captain Imena Leung to marry, her employer, Duke Maxime, faces similar pressure from the king, who commands him to wed. While there is a strong attraction between them, neither is interested in marriage. But when Imena uncovers a plot to assassinate Maxime she rolls him in a carpet and hauls him off to her ship and safety. Having a virile, handsome bound man in her cabin is very tempting and Imena cannot deny herself the pleasures of his body. They embark on a high-seas adventure and encounter a sea battle and some raging storms. Soon they’re captured by sex-crazed islanders — and their own battle of wills. (SPICE, Dec., 368 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin