Heath delivers a charming and sensitive romance with touches of humor and engaging characters. She gives a fine overview of a time when wealthy Americans flocked to England with the intent of purchasing a titled husband for their daughters and ladies of the nobility who acted as social chaperones for the young heiresses.

With funds in short supply and no expectations of marriage, the knowledgeable and well-bred Lady Louisa Wentworth does the unthinkable. She takes a position as social chaperone to American heiresses, Jenny and Kate Rose.

The object of their entrance into English society is to purchase a titled husband. Louisa has her work cut out for her. Jenny wants to marry for passion, Kate for love and their mother thinks nothing short of a duke will do for her daughters.

Randolph Selwyn, Duke of Hawkhurst, is in dire need of money for his family and enters the fray thinking Miss Jenny Rose will do very well as his wife. But it is Louisa who is in his thoughts and fantasies. With his wicked sensuality Hawk arouses wantonness in Louisa. When a planned seduction goes awry, it is Louisa and not Jenny who is caught in a compromising position with Hawk. Will their marriage be one of passion or love or both? (Avon, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond