Finally, the notorious Duke of Villiers, Leopold Dautry, meets his match, which is cause for rejoicing among Desperate Duchess fans. James' wit reaches new heights in a clever, touching romance. There's passion and love, but James adds depth with moving lessons about what it means to be a loving, caring parent that will reach readers' hearts
in a wondrous way.

It's time for Villiers to wed. He's searched for, and found, his illegitimate children and now needs a woman who will love them. But she must also be his social equal. Eleanor, the Duke of Monague's daughter, is perfect: intelligent, beautiful and passionate. They appear well suited, and their heated kisses convince Villiers she's perfection.

However, when the entire entourage goes to the Duke of Gilner's estate, Villiers meets the duke's fun-loving, capricious, quick-witted daughter Lisette. Suddenly he wonders who will make the better mother -- a woman who plays with his children or the one who teaches them control, gives them direction and disciplines them? It isn't until a former lover appears and Villiers is willing to fight a duel that he knows which woman is meant to be his forever. (AVON, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin