Image of Duke Most Wanted (Heiress Brides)


Image of Duke Most Wanted (Heiress Brides)

The last of the Heiress Brides gets her man in the marvelous, delightful, emotional conclusion to Bradley's trilogy. Readers have been eagerly waiting to see what happens next, and they've also been anticipating a nonstop, beautifully crafted story, which Bradley delivers in spades.

Two down and one left to "win" the Pickering fortune. But plain, bookish Sophie doesn't stand a chance, and quite frankly, doesn't care. She's enjoying a freedom she never had, and even more, Graham's friendship. The youngest of five sons and the black sheep of his family, Graham believes he'll never inherit the title of duke-- until his father and brother are killed. Suddenly he needs a wife, and he can't stop thinking of Sophie.

Meanwhile, Sophie turns herself into a beauty, with help from a fashion icon. But it's not her loveliness or her fortune that Graham adores; it's her honesty, wit and warmth he craves. A surprising turn of events, two horrid villains, a murderous lawyer and her cousins help Sophie get the duke she's always wanted. (St. Martin's, May, 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin