Image of A Duke Never Yields (Berkley Sensation historical romance)


Image of A Duke Never Yields (Berkley Sensation historical romance)

If there is one thing readers will note about Gray it’s that she has a variety of talents. In her debut series, she demonstrates a knack for writing a sexy story, a battle-of-wits romance and now a funny tale tinged with paranormal elements. The delightful Tuscan setting, enjoyable secondary characters and the perfect blending of a triple romance that seamlessly moves from book to book will simply charm readers. Gray has a bright future.

Three ladies and three gentlemen have rented the same Tuscan villa — and launched both rivalry and romance. Watching her sister and friend find love with two of the men has Abigail Hare-wood wondering if it’s time for her to take a lover. The most likely candidate is the Duke of Wallingford. After a row with his father, Wallingford has sworn off women. As the alluring Abigail pursues him, Wallingford rethinks his vow of chastity. Along with uncovering the mysteries of passion, Abigail wants to bring long-ago lovers together in everlasting peace. She can see their ghosts and, guided by the ancient legend, she’s out to break the curse. She has no idea which couple will bring about the reversal of the curse. Surely it can’t be her and Wallingford? (BERKLEY, Feb., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin