Image of The Duke of Shadows


Image of The Duke of Shadows

Duran's fascinating, emotionally intense first novel will certainly captivate those seeking a unique setting and unconventional characters. With their strong sense of honor and passionate beliefs, her characters leap from the pages. Readers who relish Mary Jo Putney's and Mary Balogh's novels will enjoy this one.

Emmaline Martin survives a shipwreck and arrives in Delhi, only to be betrayed by her fiance as the native soldiers (sepoys) mutiny against their British officers. Only one man helps her escape death: Julian Sinclair, a future duke.

Because he's part native Julian's an outcast, torn between his British and Indian roots. Yet he feels compelled to aid the British during the rebellion and see Emma to safety. When Emma disappears Julian is led to believe she's dead and returns to England as the duke. Four years later Emma's paintings of India cause a sensation. Discovering her alive is wondrous, but he must save her from an unknown enemy before he can regain her trust and love. (Pocket Star, Apr., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin