Wendy Soliman’s latest novel is impossible to put down. Readers will love the interplay between spunky heroine Alicia Woodley and hero, the aloof Duke of Dorchester, Nicholas Buchanan. The scenes between the two shimmer with passion, managing to be believable and sexy. Soliman’s strength in this cleverly written story is her characters. Alicia’s spunk and wit, rather than her physical appearance, win Nicholas’ heart and hero Nicholas slowly overcomes his own share of imperfections over the course of the story. The combination of these multidimensional characters and Soliman’s witty writing makes this a must-read.

Boredom leads Nicholas Buchanan, the Duke of Dorchester, to accept the Woodley family’s invitation to visit their stud farm in the country. However, when he meets poor relation Miss Alicia Woodley, she is not impressed with the confident and arrogant duke — and much to Nicholas’ amusement — is not afraid to tell him so. Used to people’s deference, Nicholas vows to make this miss submit to him both mentally and physically. But things begin to change for them both when deceptions unravel and danger seems to lurk in the shadows. Will Nicholas and Alicia be able to admit their true feelings before it is too late? (CARINA PRESS, Mar., dl. $4.49)

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Reviewed by: 
Lizzie Poteet