Image of The Duke's Boardroom Affair (Silhouette Desire)


Image of The Duke's Boardroom Affair (Silhouette Desire)
THE DUKE'S BOARDROOM AFFAIR (4) by Michelle Celmer Charming playboy Charles Meade, the Duke of Morgan Isle, offers Victoria Houghton an impossible task -- be his assistant until hotel improvements are finished, when she can take up her managerial position. Victoria believes Charles' family stole her birthright -- her father's hotels -- in the name of the royal family, but she needs the job. Attracted to Victoria, Charles tries all his moves, only to be rebuffed, but eventually their mutual attraction lands them in bed. Can Victoria safeguard her heart from the playboy who doesn't want any strings, or will her aristocratic lover be snared in her tender web in this steamy, romantic tale?
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper