After living on the Isle of Capri, Joanna Sherwood, Lady Carew, now widowed, returns to England with her young sons, Justin and Robin. All she wants to do is live quietly and has no desire for the ton to renew the scandal that sent her into exile nearly six years ago.

Her first husband, Adrian Delacourt, The Duke of Roxbury, is responsible for all her past heartache and she has no desire to see him again. But it is inevitable that the two meet. Adrian finds Joanna just as beautiful as ever, but it is her son that holds his interest, for looking at Justin is like looking at himself when he was a child.

Adrian never stopped thinking of Joanna and he realizes he never stopped loving her. Though Joanna fights her feelings for him, she comes to the conclusion that her life is irrevocably entwined with his and has been since they were children. Can they forgive one another for past hurts and overcome the obstacles that threaten their happiness?

THE DUKES DOUBLE is an emotionally charged love story about two people torn apart by their youth, lies and lack of trust. Ms. Mills is certainly one of the most talented writers of the genre. SWEET (Apr., 347 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond