Image of The Duke's Indiscretion (The Duke Trilogy)


Image of The Duke's Indiscretion (The Duke Trilogy)

Ashworth charms us with a slightly
different view of the Victorian era and a group of likable characters. Though
not complex or filled with a heated conflict, Ashworth's latest is a fun
peek at the opera and theater worlds, spiced with a bit of suspense and
plenty of passion.

Colin Ramsey, the Duke of Newark, is infatuated with the opera singer Lottie English and will do whatever it takes to spend a night with her. He doesn't realize she's actually Lady Charlotte Hughes, the quiet sister of the man he's been asked to investigate. Charlotte adores her double role and dreams of making a grand tour, though she knows her domineering brother would rather have her marry than be on the stage.

That's where Colin enters into her plan. He already fancies himself in love with Lottie; if she can convince him to marry Charlotte, he can have what he wants and she will have her grand tour.

Colin agrees, but with stipulations: This will be a true marriage, and if all goes well, then and only then, will Colin provide Lottie with her tour. The smoldering passion between them grows to a crescendoing fire and places them in danger as Colin ferrets out a killer who has made Charlotte, and a priceless piece of music, his target. (Avon, May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin