On a dark and stormy night—a scene straight out of one of Lady Lynette Overton's favorite novels—her coach is stranded in the countryside. But it's not quite as accidental as it appears: Lynette has taken a bet that she can discover what is keeping infamous rake Thomas Flanders, Duke of Ravensfield, at his country estate.

It's not only the bet but also the need to get out of London for her own safety that sends Lynette after Ravensfield. She's being stalked by someone who knows she can identify the person responsible for her mother being accused of stealing the Wonderlee Diamond.

Lynette has secretly been in love with Ravensfield, and once she's ensconced in his home she not only intends to uncover his secrets, but to lure him into her bed. It isn't difficult for Thomas to fall in love with the lively, alluring Lynette, but as danger follows them he must decide if it's worth risking his secret to save Lynette's.

This playful, snappy Regency romp will surely delight readers as they're caught up in the double mystery: Who really stole the diamond and what is Ravensfield's dark secret? Lane's engaging characters and snappy dialogue propel the story at a rapid pace that will make this a one-night read and Lane a name to keep at the top of your list. SENSUAL (Sep., 360 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin