Readers will enjoy this quirky historical anthology, filled with eccentric characters, some of whom try to be proper — and others who don't. Linden's "When I Met My Duchess" is the standout star. Ashe's time-traveling tale has trouble fitting in with the other stories. An okay story, the paranormal conceit makes it feel disconnected and may distract readers. With a lot of fun dialogue, great characters and varied plots this book makes for a fantastic summer read.

The biggest wedding of the year is at Kingstag Castle and a group of marriage-minded misses will be there. As the wedding approaches the castle fills with handsome lords — and the single ladies have noticed. The men don’t realize that this is one party that will change their lives forever. Each novella focuses on a different guest, and even the bride and groom aren't safe. Linden's "When I Met My Duchess," asks the eternal question: when the groom discovers his “perfect bride” pales in comparison to her sister, what’s a duke to do? Rodale's "That Rogue Jack" introduces the classic bad-boy/good-girl plot, he needs her to keep him straight and she needs him to loosen her up. Neville's "P.S. I Love You" is Cyrano with a twist. Ashe's "How Angela Got Her Rogue Back" has a time-traveling wedding guest. (THE LADY AUTHORS, Jun., dl., $2.99) *Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak