Image of Duncan: Vampires In America (Volume 5)


Image of Duncan: Vampires In America (Volume 5)

The fifth entry in the Vampires in America series lives up to the reputation of the others as Duncan meets his match in Emma, a very alpha female, who knows her mind and is not afraid to express it.

Duncan has served his maker, Raphael, faithfully and without question for more than 150 years. Now the time has come for him to take over his own territory. His first mission upon arriving in D.C. is to capture the embassy held by the vampire lord Victor, the despot ruling the Capitol Territory. An over-confident Victor is easily defeated and Duncan establishes the necessary bond between himself and those seeking their former master. Emma Duquet is looking for her roommate, who went to a party known for its vampire associations and disappeared. Discovering that Victor is gone, she encounters Duncan instead. Together they search for Lacey, uncovering a world of corrupt politicians, the vampires who feed on their power and an unexpected enemy. (IMAJINN, Nov., 248 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown