Image of Dust City


Image of Dust City

This fractured fairy tale will satisfy those looking for an unusual paranormal read. An interesting premise, but the characters in the story are not fully realized with the depth the author hints at. Also, while the setting has promise, the reader is never given a clear description of Dust City and the environs that the wolves, fairies, goblins and other mythical creatures inhabit. However, teen male readers will find this tale of peer pressure and athletic competition far easier to relate to than traditional fairytales.

Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are dead and the Big Bad Wolf is incarcerated for the crime. The wolf’s son, Henry, is in juvenile detention for his teenage pranks after a judge decides he is a bad seed like his father. But when Henry starts to suspect that some bad street fairy dust caused his father’s murderous behavior, he is determined to learn the truth. Breaking out of the detention center, Henry must go to the heart of Dust City to confront the drug dealers who use fairy dust as a weapon. Soon Henry is in way over his head and not sure if he is strong enough to avoid his father's fate. (RAZORBILL, Oct., 304 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9781595142962, HC)

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Dawn Crowne