She'd loved him since the first time she'd seen him as a child, and as a teenager, Sarah Kincaid gave herself to Renzo Cassavettes, knowing that no one in their small town would understand. What she didn't know was that within hours, he would be accused of murder and would disappear from her life, leaving her pregnant.

Now twelve years later, he blows back into town. An award-winning reporter, Renzo is ready to face the town that chased him away and the woman he ran from. But nothing has prepared him for the prejudices he still must face or for the son he knows nothing about.

Sarah thinks she is over him- even ready to go on with a new relationship-until Renzo shows her that no man brings out her passion the way he can. When a new murder threatens to tear them apart once more, Sarah can do nothing but fight back.

Rebecca Brandewyne brings her skill for in-depth characterization to her first Mira, though some readers might be disappointed by the thin plot. (Mar., 480 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson