Image of Dust to Dust (Prophecy (Mira))


Image of Dust to Dust (Prophecy (Mira))

Graham's skill as a storyteller
has never been more apparent. Combining action with richly detailed characters, she sets the stage for a four-book series that promises to
be epic. The first one is atmospheric, compelling and impossible to adequately summarize.

On a visit to L.A., graphic artist Scott Bryant spends an evening partying with two friends. Afterward, en route to their hotel, the three men come to the rescue of an elderly couple being mugged. Bent over the old man, Scott gets a shock -- and suddenly has incredible strength. That night, the dreams begin -- of a fearsome wasteland inhabited by the dead.

The visions are shared by dog trainer Melanie Regan, who's not an artist but is somehow able to draw disasters, in incredible detail, just before they occur. The two meet under extraordinary circumstances and then go to Rome in search of the mysterious oracle. They join forces with Rainier Montenegro and battle a demon -- the first step in averting the coming apocalypse.

(MIRA, Jul., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer