Ten years ago, Holly Marrow left New Jersey in search of a better life. Now, with her cousin Lizzie's upcom- ing marriage, she is returning home. Unfortunately, things haven't changed much in Troutville. Holly and her friends are still looked down upon by pretty much anyone and everyone.

When dirt-poor Lizzie and golden boy Dylan announced their engagement, it was met with ridicule and scorn. Ever since the wedding announcements were mailed, Lizzie and her coterie of friends are being harassed even more than usual—this time with pranks and threatening notes. Fearing for Lizzie's safety, Holly turns to childhood friend and P.I. Jake Boone.

During high school, Jake was madly in love with Holly, but a comment she made at their prom put a chasm between them. However, even time and separation can't deter love.

This is an excellent mystery filled with interesting characters who play well off one another. Jake and Holly's misunderstanding as teenagers serves not as a tragedy but as another road they took before finding their way back to each other. The ending nicely ties up loose ends. (Nov., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley