A string of mass murders partners deputy chief Elaine Jentzen with legendary FBI agent Trace Callahan. Trace believes the murders are the work of a demented genius who calls himself the Gamekeeper. Two years ago, the Gamekeeper slipped through Trace's fingers and left him with a dead partner, a guilty conscience and unfinished business.

Elaine is shocked with Trace's chilling profile of a monster who preys on men and women who lead near-perfect lives. The Gamekeeper insidiously slips into their world and ferrets out their sole weakness. He then plays a technological game of cat and mouse that drives his victims to despair and, ultimately, to murder and suicide.

Although she is at first skeptical of Trace's theories, Elaine becomes a true believer when the Gamekeeper sends her a chilling invitation to come play. Will she be the winner or just another victim?

Webb reaches into our deepest nightmares and pulls out a horrifying scenario. She delivers the ultimate villain for our computer-driven world—a techno sadist. Fortunately, she also gives us a battle-scarred hero who is still willing to fight and a loyal heroine who believes in justice. (Jan., 320 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell