Image of Dying Scream


Image of Dying Scream

Burton's taut, fast-paced thriller will have you guessing until the last blood-soaked page. This tale comes complete with an old Southern plantation, a graveyard that's just a little too well populated and people with lots of history. Oh, those serial killers are so scary; keep the lights on for this one.

Adrianna Barrington may be old money Virginia, but that hasn't shielded her from the blows of the last few years. She and her husband were hit by a drunken driver only three months after their wedding. She miscarried and he ended up in an irreversible coma. She's sold nearly everything to pay the medical bills.

Now widowed, she has to sell the family plantation to clear the last of the debts. When the buyer insists that the family graveyard be moved from the property, the discovery of extra bodies in the graveyard brings detective Gage Hudson back into her life. It also spurs a killer into action. Soon more women, each with a connection to Adrianna's husband, start dying. And Adrianna is getting notes and flowers, signed "with love forever," from a dead man. Will hers be the next gravestone? (ZEBRA, Nov., 379 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan