Image of Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars


Image of Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars

The greater good and a woman’s desperate need for normalcy collide in this dramatic new Sentinel Wars novel. Butcher’s rise to the top of the paranormal and romantic suspense genres has been swift; she has written more than a dozen stellar books since 2008. Her hallmark is consistent superior storytelling that combines emotional punch with high-adrenaline danger — a recipe that can’t miss!

Having survived her captivity by the Synestryn, Jackie Patton craves a return to her normal life, but that’s unlikely for two reasons: one, the Synestryn will continue to hunt her; two, she could save the life of a Theronai warrior by mating with him. Jackie doesn’t want to permanently match with any warrior, but backed into a corner, she chooses Iain. Fearing it is too late for his soul, Iain resists, but stubborn Jackie has her own ideas. Yet things do not go as planned, and it will take Jackie and Iain working together to prevent the Synestryn from recapturing the rescued children. (SIGNET, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith