DYNAMITE DOC OR CHRISTMAS DAD? by Marrion Lennox (3): Dr. Jessica McPherson's ten year old son, Dusty, wants a dad for Christmas. Unfortunately his father died years ago. Wanting to give her son a proper family, Jessica discovers that her son's father has a brother, Dr. Ben Oaklander. But when confronted, Ben admits that he has no desire to start a family of his own. Ben does agree to spend Christmas with Jess and his nephew, however, when fatherly feelings towards Dusty emerge as well as a budding romance with Jessica, Ben is scared. Can he get past his commitment issues and realize that the perfect family is his for the asking? Lennox brings this endearing story of Christmas wishes coming true. This romance is sure to touch your heart and start believing in miracles, especially at Christmas time.

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Nas Dean